About Us Old

About Us Old

Pooled Energy was co-founded by John Riedl, John Grill and Greg Irving

Three leading lights with experience leading global technology and energy-sector companies.

Our vision for Pooled Energy was to change the game, for home owners with swimming pools. To develop the idea into reality we set out these goals.

  • Dramatically reduce household energy use
  • Automatic pool control
  • Reliable chemistry to create spectacular, healthier pool 24/7, year round
  • Substantially reduce pool chemicals and maintenance
  • Boost Australia’s energy efficiency

There are 1.4 million residential swimming pools in Australia and when all their pumps and filters are on at once over summer they’re using up to 3.7 gigawatts of energy. That’s the equivalent of two Liddell-sized power stations running at capacity.

John Riedl & Greg Irving

John Riedl & Greg Irving

By ‘pooling’ our pools, so to speak, we can harness a significant, low-cost demand response which can take a lot of strain off the grid, at no inconvenience to the pool owner.

With Australia’s pool owners contributing, a scenario would be to shut down one coal-fired power station and be able to control rolling black-outs with our ability to stabilize the Grid. To perform this sort of demand-response with our homeowners, we supply the Pooled Energy Smart Automation equipment with Advanced Water Chemistry and from our Sydney base provide Energy Management and electricity supply services.

The investment to bring Pooled Energy to Australian homes has been substantial – around $32 million on research and development. We’re immensely proud of our 60 staff, half of whom are on-the-road system installers and service personnel.

We invite you to spend five minutes or so and dive into our world. Expertise, technology and energy management combine to give you a great outcome for your home and family.


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