If you turn on the pumps and filters of all 1.4 million residential pools in Australia at once, they consume a massive 2.1 gigawatts of energy. That’s the equivalent of the Liddell coal-fired power plant running at full capacity.

At Pooled Energy we make it our mission to optimise pool energy usage for a healthier and happier Australia.

Founded by three leading engineers and realised by a team of more than 30 technology pool and energy experts, we use intelligent technology and chemistry to optimise how pools run, deliver sparkling water with less chemicals and take the hassle out of owning your pool.

We spend our days refining our technology and enhancing the customer experience so that we are constantly positioned for growth because we want to deliver the best pool experience our customers have ever had.

As we grow the number of customers and pools under management, we also grow our ability to contribute to the stabilisation of Australia’s energy grid. Our big goal, is to grow our ‘pool of pools’ to a size that delivers energy savings that could decommission a coal-fired power station. It’s a big goal, but with every new pool on board we get one step closer. Do you want to help save Australian energy?