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AER Notification

AER ensures continued supply for former Pooled Energy customers 

The Australian Energy Regulator (AER) has initiated the Retailer of Last Resort process that will allow for the transfer of customers from electricity retailer Pooled Energy Pty Ltd to ensure the continued supply of essential energy services to these customers.

The AER applied the market safeguard after both companies were suspended from wholesale energy markets for failing to comply with Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO) requirements.

Pooled Energy’s authorisation to trade in the National Electricity Market will cease from midnight (0000hr) Australian Eastern Standard Time, Wednesday, 25 May, impacting around 1300 customers across New South Wales.

Pooled Energy customers are not required to take any immediate action.

Under the Retailer of Last Resort process, customers will be transferred to major retailers such as Origin Energy or EnergyAustralia, who will contact them directly to explain the new arrangements.

Customers are under no obligation to remain with their new retailer once they are transferred.

Frequently asked questions for impacted Pooled Energy  customers are available, and a special AER hotline has been set up on 02 6243 3065 for enquiries.


The AER is responsible for overseeing the national Retailer of Last Resort scheme. 

The scheme is designed to ensure that in the event of retailer failure, arrangements are in place to ensure that customers continue to receive electricity and/or gas supply. 

If an energy retailer fails, the AER has the power to transfer customers to a new retailer. 



Issued date:  

25 May 2022 

AER reference:  

AC 89/22 


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