Are smart meters really that smart?

January 21st, 2020

Are smart meters really that smart?

Yes! Smart meters digitally measure when and how much electricity you use at home and send this information to a registered Metering Coordinator to check that the data is accurate and timely. All new houses are fitted with smart meters, and all energy retailers including Pooled Energy are required to install them for new connections.

Also known as an advanced meter or type 4 smart meter, smart meters mean there is no need for a manual meter read but more importantly, they can help you take control of your electricity bill by reporting your electricity usage every day. If you’re a Pooled Energy customer, your smart meter is one of the many inputs into our Pooled Energy App. The information provided by the smart meter helps us to better understand when and how you use electricity, and therefore how you might be able to best optimise your energy usage.

The Pooled Energy App gives you a daily, weekly and monthly view of your general electricity consumption. Using the Pooled Energy App, you can identify when you are consuming electricity during peak periods of the day which can help you adjust when you use your home appliances to maximise your electricity savings. Of course, your pool is automatically taken care of by Pooled Energy, continually monitoring and optimising your pool’s energy consumption day and night.

If you have both a smart-meter and a solar-PV system, your Pooled Energy App will display the net output of your solar production to the grid throughout the day. This can assist you in identifying when your solar system is not running at optimal capacity and/or when you are using more power than your solar system is producing (which often overlaps with periods of the day when the price of electricity is more expensive).

In the not too distant future we plan to add more household appliances to our control system so your entire household is automatically optimised for reduced energy consumption. Watch this space!

For more information about smart meters check out our frequently asked questions here.


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