Offers and Energy Price Fact Sheets

Pooled Energy supplies a bundle of electricity, pool equipment and pool services to new customers. We combine our electricity retail services with our new pool automation technology to give you…

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Your Bills

Pooled Energy will send you monthly bills (electronically by email) for both your Electricity usage and Pool Services.  Electricity We bill you monthly based on actual readings of your electricity…

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Should I have a Pool Sweep?

Yes! Leaves should be removed promptly, including from the pool sweep leaf bag. Decaying leaves release phosphates that can lead to algae blooms and then need expensive chemical treatment, including…

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How often should I backwash my filter?

Media Filters that use sand or crushed glass for filtration, require regular backwashing, typically between every 4 and 8 weeks, depending on filter and pool size and environmental factors. The…

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What is pH?

pH is the acid/alkali balance in the water and is a logarithmic scale. pH 7 is neutral. pH 6 has 10 times more acid (literally hydrogen ions) in the water…

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