Can you reduce noise in pool equipment?

Yes!  Most pools are much quieter following a Pooled Energy system implementation.

Most existing filter pumps are single speed and operate continuously at full power, and are consequently noisy. Some pool owners find that such pumps too noisy to run at night using low-cost electricity, or they are irritating whenever they do run.

Pooled Energy will supply a variable-speed electronic drive for your existing filter pump. This pump will be controlled by our Intelligent Pool Controller to run at low and medium speed, substantially reducing acoustic noise. They can operate at night without disturbing others in a great many cases.

Supplementary pool sweeps and solar pumps have to run at full rated speed and can therefore be noisy, especially if they are older technology.  If so, you may need an acoustic enclosure, depending on where you live. In most cases, Pooled Energy will run such pumps for relatively short periods and at times when they are unlikely to cause problems.



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