What is Pooled Energy’s offer?

For a $330 upfront cost, Pooled Energy is offering:

  • Cleaner, higher quality, healthier water
  • A massive reduction in energy consumption by your pool
  • A reduction in the number of types and quantities of chemicals
  • A reduction in pool support labour and equipment maintenance
  • No need for a regular pool technician if you currently use one
  • Full Pool automation
  • Energy and Pool Management from our Network Operating Centre
  • Supervisory Control and optimisation of pool energy and chemistry
  • Reliable water quality
  • The Pooled Energy Pool App – the remote control for your pool which provides the ability to monitor your pool water and equipment and turn pool equipment on/off with your fingertips.


 This is achieved by new technology and is delivered as a bundle of:

  • Pooled Energy’s Intelligent Pool Controller
  • Water quality sensors
  • Electricity meters
  • Electricity supply for your whole home
  • Online automation, operation, optimisation of your pool (Pool Services); 
  • Advanced Water Chemistry
  • Back-to-Base and local Computer Control with Pool App override
  • Pool Chemicals
  • Equipment Maintenance
  • ‘Pooling’ of pools energy consumption to assist renewable generation in the Grid (Invisibly and without impact on you)


Your pool will adapt continually to swimming activity, water chemistry, weather, forecast, time-of-day, time-of year, the amount of sunshine, the varying price of electricity and the technical state of the Electricity Grid.  This permits water quality and energy optimisation that cannot be done by simplistic time-clocks that do the same thing every day.

The fine print:

  • The upfront cost of $330 is charged for the installation of your new state-of-the-art Intelligent Pool Controller and sensors
  • Pooled Energy can only offer the huge energy reduction in your pool’s energy consumption by bundling our Pool Services with the retail Energy Supply to your home.  This enables you and your swimming pool to directly help the needs of the electricity grid and significantly reduce carbon emissions.
  • Any mutually agreed additional plumbing, maintenance or equipment changes to rectify problems will be provided at additional cost.
  • A monthly fee of $67 is charged for our 24/7 remote monitoring and automation which monitors and optimises your pool water and equipment operation – replacing your previous regular pool-shop maintenance costs.
  • Pooled Energy’s Advanced Water Chemistry will need to be topped up after significant water loss once or twice a year and costs about $100 for the average pool.