Considerations in purchasing a Roof-top Solar Pool Heater

The main thing with a solar roof-heater is that it needs an area at least the same as the surface area of the pool…and is not shaded or inclined away from the sun.

The best arrangement for solar heaters, is to have them plumbed independently of the filtration circuit with their own suction and return-to-pool plumbing. They can then operate whenever they need to, independently of the other equipment in the pool.

If Solar Heaters share the filter’s plumbing and use water from the filtration circuit, then they are ‘in-line,’ and require special management to ensure that the pool filter provides sufficient water flow when the solar heater is running.  Such conventional pool filters with in-line heaters often incur unnecessary, additional electricity charges because the filter usually runs at full speed during daylight hours, in case the heater controller ‘decides’ to turn ‘on’.  This is inevitable with time-clock based, ‘dumb’ control systems, which do not ‘know’ when the solar system might want to turn on.

Pooled Energy’s Intelligent Pool Controller (IPC) on the other hand, adjusts the speed of the filter pump as required and synchronises the operation of the filter and the solar heater.  In other words, the IPC will run your filter at a low-cost and efficient filtration speed when the heater is off, and speed up to an efficient heating speed whenever the heater turns on and requires higher flow. It only runs at the speeds required, when required.  Furthermore, these speeds are rarely full-speed. This arrangement optimises overall energy use and improves filtration.

We do need to ensure that any proposed solar system is integrated correctly with the Pooled Energy System. Please email us on or call us to discuss on 1300 364 703. You can also reduce the cost of your solar heater addition by integrating the control system with our Intelligent Pool Controller.  You won’t need a separate solar controller in most cases.


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