Controlling Solar Pool Heaters

Pooled Energy can manage your existing solar heater as an optional service. This can be done in three different ways, depending upon the type of solar heater that you have:

  1. You have an Independent Solar Heater, that is, it has its own suction inlet and return pipe in the pool, and it can run independently of the pool filter. It has its own sensors, pump and solar controller. In this case, you can either leave it totally independent, or we can optionally connect it to the Pooled Energy Intelligent Pool Controller (IPC) at your request.
  2. You have an In-Line Solar Heater that requires the filter to also run when it operates. It has its own sensors, pump and solar controller, but it must run as an integrated part of the overall system. In this case, your solar controller must be connected to the IPC. Your solar pump will remain connected to your solar controller.
  3. You have a solar heater that requires the filter to also run when it operates but no sensor and no solar controller. You do have a solar booster pump. In this case, the pump will be connected directly to the IPC and will be managed by it and will require additional cost components.

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