Designing a New Pool

We see a great many pools and the number that are correctly designed for high-efficiency operation is less than 5%. Often there is little consideration for the future running costs of the pool.  This can include the use of undersized and poorly run plumbing that significantly restricts water flow. In many pools, up to half the work the filtration pump performs is overcoming flow resistance in just the pipes.

Pooled Energy would like to recommend a few simple, inexpensive changes which will make a large difference to the functionality and running cost of your new pool. We work with selected Pool Builders to provide information on optimising pool design for energy efficiency. It is much better for you as an owner of a new swimming pool to invest a small amount of money in getting the plumbing correctly done when the pool is built, than paying unnecessary operating costs for the life of the pool.

If you are building a new pool, please download our Information for Pool Owners document below and see what steps you can take to make your pool highly efficient.

Building a New Pool – Information for Pool Owners



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