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Warm up with pool heating

As the seasons change, the temperature is dropping but
that doesn’t mean you need to skip your daily swim.

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    Swimming Pool Heating Solutions

    Are you looking for an efficient way to heat your pool?

    Here at Pooled Energy, we offer a range of pool heating options. We use intelligent technology to optimise how your pool runs, so you can enjoy the perfect swim all year round. Don’t let the colder weather stop you from enjoying your swimming pool.

    Solar Heating

    A Pooled Energy system controls both your filter and solar pumps to operate when electricity is inexpensive or when the solar pool heater is actually running, not during expensive periods.

    Quick heating
    Electric Heating

    Manage your heater and electricity consumption while the Pool App allows you to remotely turn the heater ON and OFF at any time. Water flow rates are also automatically adjusted to save energy costs.

    Operates in all weather
    Economical option

    Efficiently Run your Pool Heater...
    And everything else

    Did you know that most swimming pools account for about one-third of your household electricity bill? Add to this, the running costs of a pool heater and it can quickly add up to a significant portion of your energy bill.

    With Pooled Energy’s smart eco-friendly automation system, you won’t find yourself worrying about manually running all your pool equipment at optimal times to save on running costs. The system’s sensors and IPC intelligently use information about electricity demand, electricity prices, solar output, weather, forecast, time of day, time of year and your pool chemistry to control when and how hard your pool equipment runs. Including your pool heater.

    On average we’ve seen our customers save up to 60% on their pool’s energy consumption! So you’ll be able to enjoy swimming all-year-round knowing that your pool is running as efficiently as it can!


    Pool Covers
    and Rollers

    You wouldn’t invest money on an AC and keep it running while all your windows were open, so why would you invest money in heating your pool and forget to install a pool cover? Pool covers and rollers offer a range of benefits, including:

    Maintaining temperature
    Reduced leaf load
    Less consumption of chlorine
    Less evaporation and water loss
    Lower chance of flower blockages
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    Free Download

    Everything You Need To Know About Pool Heating

    Before you consider various pool heating solutions, read this free no-nonsense guide:

    • What affects the temperature of a pool
    • Types of swimming pool heating systems
    • Types of plumbing methods for heating
    • How to make heating more energy efficient

    A word from our customers

    Five stars

    “Since having Pooled Energy install their system I have not had to add pool chemicals or flocking agents and the pool is cleaner and clearer than it has ever been. Second bonus is that we are saving on electricity.”

    Shane T
    Pool has been perfect

    “I have been extremely happy with the decision to use Pooled Energy. The pool has been perfect for the entire season with no hassle about chemicals, chlorine or equipment. The service from the team has always been first rate.”

    NH, Bronte

    “Very professional and friendly throughout our entire time with you. I would like to also say that the field staff have been exceptional and are a credit to the company.”

    SG, Matraville

    “I am delighted with the complete transformation of my pool and the service of the Pooled Energy team.”

    AS, Lindfield
    Recommend it to everyone

    “First time in 20 years that it’s maintained easily, with crystal clear water day in and day out. I recommend it to everyone.”

    PB, Allambie Heights
    Water quality is beautiful

    “I can honestly say that since switching to Pooled Energy the pool has never looked better and the water quality is beautiful. Even with my previous fortnightly pool service, I often had problems with the pool turning green after weather ‘events’. Now it’s always in top condition.”

    JT, Artarmon
    Saved electricity costs

    “Very happy with the services provided by Pooled Energy. I have a constantly clean pool and it has saved me from the worries of going to the pool shop and has also saved me on my electricity costs.”

    NK, Putney
    Five stars

    “Just brilliant, nearly halved my power bill and haven’t put a chemical in my pool for 4 months.”

    Bill Gaha

    Want to enjoy the perfect swim all year round?

    Supported by the Australian Renewable Energy Agency, we’ve developed an innovative and
    affordable pool automation solution that will reduce your pool’s environmental footprint.

    Reduce your pool's
    chemical consumption
    Help stabilise Australia's
    electricity grid
    Reduce your pool's energy
    usage by up to 60%

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