Emptying water from the pool manually

To empty water manually from the filter using the Pool App

  • Using your Pool App, go to the main menu (top right) click POOL CONTROLS.
  • Turn POOL SYSTEM from AUTO to MANUAL.  This may take up to a minute if other equipment is running.
  • For sand/media filters, rotate the valve on top of the filter from FILTER to BACKWASH.  Please note; if there is an additional valve in the backwash line, this will need to be opened.
  • From the main menu (top right) click EQUIPMENT then FILTER PUMP.
  • Now CHOOSE DURATION and click START.  PLEASE NOTE; the duration to reduce the level of water will vary from pool to pool, and may only need 10 minutes, but may need as much as 1 hour.  It’s best to chose a smaller time and repeat if the level is not reduced enough.
  • When the level is around 2/3’s the height of the skimmer box, either click STOP FILTER PUMP, to stop it manually, or wait for the pump to stop after the set time.
  • When the filter pump has stopped, if there is an additional valve in the backwash line, close it again.
  • Now turn the valve on the top of the filter back to FILTER position.
  • In the Pool App, in the main menu, go to POOL CONTROLS and turn POOL SYSTEM from MANUAL to AUTO.