What if I want to add more equipment to my pool?

You are welcome to add supplementary equipment to your pool but please talk to us about such equipment beforehand to ensure that it is compatible and correctly integrated into your
automated Pooled Energy system, and so that you can control it through the Pool App.

Pooled Energy offers you a range of pool equipment at competitive prices, including:-

  • Pool Heaters (with Heater Management via the Pool App)
    • Solar
    • Heat Pumps
    • Gas
  • Pool Sweeps and Robots (with automatic control or via the Pool App)
  • Filters
  • Pumps
  • Chlorinators

Acid dispensers (for new, chemically-active pools)

Please remember that your Pooled Energy system is an automatic system controlled from a central computer and all changes to the system must be correctly installed and configured.   You must not make, nor allow any third person or supplier to make unauthorised changes, additions or reconfigurations, which can cause damage or performance problems to your pool or Pooled Energy equipment and services.

Our aim is to ensure the optimal running of your pool and we need to be aware of any planned modifications.

The following equipment is usually NOT compatible for future addition.

  • Any form of water sanitiser other than a salt chlorinator or liquid chlorine chlorinator
  • Any form of chemical dosing system. You do not need this.
  • Any form of  pre-filter or other filter.  These are unlikely to help and will likely interfere with system operation and use more energy
  • Suction cleaners.  While these are usable, we recommend against them for the reasons discussed in the section on pool
  • C bus or other remote controls.  You have the Pool App and do not need another means to control your pool.

All supplementary third-party devices have recommended operating modes.    For example, gas heaters and pressure cleaners require minimum water flows and the Pooled Energy system must provide these water flows at the times they are needed.   This is simple to do but the plumbing must allow it and the Intelligent Pool Controller software has to be configured for it.  Please contact us to do this.


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