How do I fix Calcification?

What is calcification?

Calcification is the name for the chalky white patches that occur when there is too much calcium in the pool water.

Pool surfaces that contain large amounts of calcium, leach that calcium into the water. The water then becomes overloaded with calcium and deposits the excess around the pool, causing unsightly white patches.

Calcium deposits can also appear on chlorinator plates that may require cleaning if it is not a self-cleaning system.

Are all pool surfaces susceptible to calcification?

Calcification happens when the calcium in the water is out of balance with the lining of your pool – your pool surface.

  • Marblesheen pool have large amount of calcium in the surface finish.
  • Pebblecrete, Beadcrete and Quartzon are made from cement that also contains large amounts of calcium.
  • Tiles have calcium in the cement between the tiles.
  • Fibreglass is the only pool surface that does not contain calcium.

How can I prevent calcification?

Calcification of pool surfaces is generally due to tiny defects in the pool lining exposing the underlying concrete to the pool water.  Calcification on chlorinator plates is due to high calcium levels, or an older style chlorinator that does not have a self cleaning function.

For pools surfaces suffering from calcium deposits we have had good results with the addition of magnesium mineral and a product called Cal-Stop, over time both will soften the calcium deposit and aid with its removal.

How do I get rid of Calcification deposits?

For calcium deposits in the pool

  1. Remove as much calcium as possible by brushing 
  2. Add magnesium minerals to the pool, approximately 25 kg per 50 kL
  3. Lower the pH to about pH 7.2 with hydrochloric acid
  4. Apply a calcium sequestration agent such as Cal-Stop according to label directions
  5. Brush every week

The above treatments soften and weaken calcium deposits so they can be brushed away.  The process is slow and make take weekly brushing over several months.

I’m not sure and need help.

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