How often do I need to maintain my pool?

No matter if you have pool automation or not, your pool still needs you (or your pool service provider if you’re lucky!). Here’s a schedule that will ensure you stay on top of your pool maintenance year round.

Every few days:

  • Clean the leaves and debris out from the pool, skimmers, strainers, sweeps and robots. If your pool sits under trees you’ll probably need to do this more regularly. Blocked skimmers and equipment lead to low flow and eventually green pools. Your Pooled Energy app will alert you when we detect low flow but prevention is best.
  • Maintain the pool water level to approximately half way up the skimmer box opening. Again we’ll alert you when your water level is low. Watch out during summer in particular because water will evaporate quickly in high temperatures.

Every four to six weeks:

  • Backwash your sand filter. So many pool owners leave this for months and months. Backwashing needs to be done regularly to maintain clean and healthy water. Pooled Energy will remind you each month to perform a backwash – make sure you start the backwash from your App to maintain safety for you and the equipment.

Twice a year:

  • You will automatically receive your Advanced Water Chemistry twice a year. This is timed to manage the summer period effectively. It is important that you add it to the water every time to maintain sanitation and clear water.
  • Salt is always necessary. Our pool automation will monitor your pool salt levels and alert you when it is low and how much needs to be added. In most circumstances you will need to add Salt once or twice a year.
  • We will also advise when to add magnesium minerals to the pool.  Magnesium helps control calcification, improves water clarity and how the water feels on your skin.  It helps maintain your pool and equipment, and keeps water sparkling.

What you DON’T need to do.

Pools that are automated by Pooled Energy no longer require:

  • Buffer
  • Calcium hardener
  • Cyanuric Acid
  • Copper based algaecides.

Please do not add these chemicals to your pool unless one of our technicians recommend it in response to specific concerns.


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