How often should I vacuum?

How often you vacuum your pool is largely dependent on the environment surrounding your pool. For some there is a requirement to vacuum every few days because of heavy leaf load, while for others, fortnightly vacuuming is all that’s required to keep your pool clean and healthy.

Environmental factors

If your pool is surrounded by large trees, hedges or garden beds there will be a need to vacuum your pool more frequently, this is dependent on the leaf volume entering your pool.

For those lucky enough not to be impacted by heavy leaf loading there is still a need to vacuum fortnightly as most pools continually accumulate dirt and dust which will affect the clarity and health of your pool water.

What happens if I don’t vacuum my pool?

Vacuuming your pool is critical in maintaining sparkling water. Leaves and dirt sitting on the floor of your pool can negatively impact sanitation levels, affecting the pool’s capacity to sufficiently sanitise the pool water.

Another consideration is that leaves left on the floor of the pool over an extended period of time seep tannin’s which will stain the surface of the pool. Rich soil can promote the growth of algae and blackspot also.

What does vacuuming do?

Vacuuming your pool utilizes the suction generated by your filter pump and will remove debris from your pool that is not attached to your vertical or horizontal surfaces, for items attached to your pool surface a brush with your pool broom may be required prior to vacuuming.


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