How to perform a Super Chlorination

Super Chlorination is a 24-hour cycle that can be used to respond to the unfortunate event of a faecal-incident or other needs to perform a super chlorination. It will require some additional time beyond the 24-hour cycle before the normal operating conditions of your pool resume. This varies pool-by-pool due to surface and environment conditions.

  1. Remove any offending biological material from the pool
  2. Click on the ‘Pool Maintenance’ page
  3. Click on ‘Super Chlorination’
  4. Click ‘Start’
    1. Your pool will enter a special hyper-sanitization cycle that will push the pool outside of its normal operating conditions.
    2. We recommend that you do not swim in the pool during this cycle and wait until the pool has returned to normal conditions. The Pool App will tell you when it is safe to swim and when the cycle is complete.

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