How do I reduce the water level?

You are able to manually reduce the water level in your pool by using the Reduce Water Level function within the application.

  1. Navigate to the ‘Pool Maintenance’ page
  2. Click ‘Reduce Water Level’
  3. Click ‘Start
    1. This will stop all running devices and disable your plan
  4. Click ‘Next’ once all devices have stopped
  5. Rotate the main valve on top of the filter to the WASTE position and click ‘Next‘ when done
  6. Click ‘Start Filter Pump
    1. This will run your Filter Pump for 10 minutes. You can stop the filter pump running at any time by pressing ‘Stop Filter Pump
  7. Once the filter pump waste cycle has completed, click ‘Next
    1. If you need to reduce your water level further, simply click ‘Repeat’ and another 10 minute run of the Filter Pump will occur
  8. Rotate the main valve on top of the filter to the FILTER position and click ‘Next‘ when done
  9. Click ‘Resume Normal Operation
  10. Click ‘Home

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