Body corporate and strata

The cost savings for Strata Pools are typically larger than for residential pools as the automation of the system usually saves paid labour cost as well as electricity.

In addition, the chemical management of the pool is usually much better because of Pooled Energy’s Advanced Water Chemistry, as well as the continuous monitoring and control. The continual electronic sensor monitoring of such pools provides a high level of confidence to Body Corporates that the water quality will be good for swimming. Strata Pools are shared pools with a potentially wide range of possible swimmers and it is therefore important that a higher level of care be taken with their sanitation and water quality.

To qualify for a Pooled Energy system, you will need to switch to Pooled Energy for the supply of your common area electricity. Please call us on 1300 364 703 to discuss.  Some strata properties have achieved a 50% savings on the combined costs of common services and pool operations.


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