My bill is higher than I expected this month


It can be hard to understand how much electricity we use in our homes every day. The things that consume the most electricity in a home are the swimming pool (good news is you’re already covered here), followed by air-conditioners/heaters and water heating units. During especially cold or warm periods, the electricity consumed by these items can increase significantly, particularly if we are at home a lot.

Electricity usage goes up for most households during the hot summer months and cold winter months.

COVID 19 Impact

During the COVID 19 lockdown many households, that were typically empty during business hours, had everyone living and working from home. This resulted in people using more electricity at home than normal, leading to higher than expected electricity bills for some households.

Estimated bills

A bill based on estimated electricity usage calculates your average electricity usage over the past 12 months.

The estimate does not factor in increases in your actual electricity usage that may occur as a result of fluctuations in the weather.

You can upgrade your meter to a Smart Meter that will record your actual electricity usage every month. There is a cost associated with an upgrade that you can discuss with our customer service team on 1300 364 703.

You can send us a photo of your meter reading or a special meter reading can be requested and incurs extra charges.

For further details on our exact pricing, please refer to the Offers and Energy Price Fact Sheets


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