My system is offline

  1. Identify the IPC – the biggest box in size
  2. Check if the IPC has tripped
    1. There is a reset button, located in a small plastic bulb at the bottom of the IPC
  3. If the reset button has popped out, press it until the button sits flush against the IPC
  4. If the reset button has not tripped, unplug the IPC from the power-point, and plug it back in after 30 seconds
  5. If your IPC is connected to Wi-Fi, turn any Wi-Fi extenders and routers off and on
  6. Wait 5 minutes
  7. After 5 minutes, open the Pooled Energy application and check if your system loads
  8. If your system does not load, please call our helpful support staff on 1300 364 703 or email us at
    1. Please note that it can take up-to 24 hours for data to collect and update on the application

If you have recently changed your Wi-Fi details or changed your router, you will need to follow the Wi-Fi Configuration process (in the My Pool page of the app) to get your system back online.


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