Operations for infinity pools

Energy Savings

Typically, customers with these types of pool achieve good savings using Pooled Energy.

Most customers with waterfalls or infinity edges use conventional, single-speed pumps running at full speed to maximise the water flow over the fall or infinity edge.  Our variable speed pumping can be adjusted to give you good water flow over the ‘edge’ when you want the visual effect, but it seldom needs full speed to achieve this, thus saving you money.

In general, we will run your system to produce the visual affects you want, as economically as possible, and filter even more economically at other times. You can use your Pool APP to run at full speed any time you want, with a touch on an appropriate SmartPhone or Tablet.

Cooling effects of waterfalls

One other benefit you will likely get from Pooled Energy  is a warmer pool with lower chemical usage.  While waterfalls and infinity edges are attractive, they do cool the pool and
disperse chemicals substantially by evaporation.  The more and faster the water goes over the ‘fall’, the more cooling and loss.  With Pooled Energy, both should improve. You can also ask us to install automatic valves to divert water away from the waterfall to the skimmer box for lower-cost routine filtering.

With our variable speed pumping giving high water-flows at reduced power, it is comparatively less expensive to keep water flowing over the infinity edge 24 x 7, if you wish.

Swimming in Wet-Edge Pools

If you have a wet-edge or infinity edge, you probably want the filter running when you are swimming so that the water you splash over the edge, does not flood the balance tank.  If so, please, just start the filter with your Pool App.  You can set it to run up to 8 hours when you override normal run times in this manner.

The Pooled Energy Intelligent Pool Controller™ can also manage any existing water-feature pumps you choose to keep when you install a Pooled Energy system.


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