What is the benefit of a Smart Meter?

Pooled Energy offers all its customers a Smart Meter at no charge. 

A Smart Meter is simply an ordinary meter with a wireless connection to the Meter Reading Company employed by Pooled Energy.  It gives you next day records of your usage and eliminates the need for estimated readings.

Pooled Energy customers can opt out of installing a smart communicating meter if you currently don’t have one, however, if your current meter needs to be replaced for technical, regulatory or maintenance reasons then, you are required by law to install a smart communications meter.

If you do not wish to have remote communications enabled on your smart meter, you can request this at the time of installation.  Additional charges may apply for smart communications meters without remote communications (due to the requirement of physical meter reads) and some products or services may not be available.

Smart meters send meter readings directly to electricity distributors. So someone doesn’t need to come out to your house to read your meter and you don’t get estimated bills.

Your smart meter readings can also be seen on you pool app within 24 hours of your consumption.

Smart meters are owned and installed by PlusES. They manage the meters on our behalf.

Note if you are a life support customer please contact us prior to your meter installation.


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