What happens to my existing pool plumbing?

If your pool plumbing is effective and undamaged, we will install the pool automation without affecting the plumbing.

If you have existing plumbing issues such as leaks or defective equipment, we can provide a competitive quote for additional plumbing works required during installation. We will need approval of the quote before we can proceed with installation.

At the time of installation, we may identify the need to make alterations to the existing pool plumbing to meet water and sewerage standards, or to repair damaged or substandard works. We will provide you with a quote for approval before proceeding.

Many pools have sub-standard plumbing and undersized pipes with many energy-sapping bends.  If you want to know if your plumbing is efficient for water flow and therefore minimising electricity consumption, imagine that you are driving a miniature car through the plumbing.  Straight roads with sweeping bends work really well, while narrow roads and many hairpin bends will take longer to negotiate and use more energy.  Water works the same way and bad plumbing can add significant costs to your electricity bill every year.

Optimising circulation is critical to your pool’s overall health and ensures that the heavily chlorinated water is pushed to the parts of the pool that needs it the most. If your existing circulation is poor then we can provide a recommendation.


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