How do I read my electricity meter correctly?

How to read your electricity meter

If you want to access your meter to either check the meter number or to take your own meter reading, please be aware of the potential for hazards with some electricity meters. Although meters and the boxes that some meters are housed in, are designed to be very safe pieces of equipment, they can deteriorate over time. Look for damage done by water or animals, exposed wires and burnt or melted parts. If you see anything that’s potentially hazardous, please don’t touch it or attempt to fix it. Instead, please contact us.

All electricity meters have a unique meter number. Your meter number is unique to the electricity meter at your premises. Every electricity meter also has an NMI (National Meter Identifier, which is used by the meter service provider to identify the meter). You can also find your NMI on page 2 of your bill. 

Smart meters

Smart meters (also known as interval meters) record usage in 30-minute intervals. These meters cannot be read manually, only the meter service provider can download the data. Most smart meters are read remotely and the data is sent to the meter service provider daily.

If you have our pool app you can see your electricity in a user-friendly usage charts. The app allows you to view your usage on an hourly, daily, weekly, monthly and, where sufficient usage history exists, annual basis. All usage data is available to view within 24 hours of consumption.

Clock face electricity meters

A clock face meter has several small clock faces. To conduct a reading, note the numbers from each clock, from left to right. If a pointer is between 2 numbers, note the lower number. When the pointer is between 0 and 9, read 9.

The additional dial labelled 1/10 is not used to calculate your meter reading, so you can ignore this.

Your usage for the period is calculated by subtracting the meter reading from your last bill from the reading you obtained from the meter.

Electricity meter reading: 61714

Electronic electricity meters

To read your meter press the ‘display’ button which will display the reading options – the meter may scroll through a series of displays. As the meter scrolls, note each of the readings.

Electricity meter reading: 27698


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