Smart Meters

How smart meters work

Smart meters come in many different shapes and sizes however they tend to be a similar size as the as older style electricity meter so they are able to be installed in the same place as the current meter. They have a digital display and have no dials. They are able to measure, record and transmit your energy usage to the relevant third-party metering coordinator who will send the data to Pooled Energy.

Advantage of having a smart meter.

Smart meters allow for your meter to be read remotely, meaning that you no longer need someone to come out and read your meter. As Pooled Energy sends invoices monthly this ensures that all your invoices are based off actual reads rather than having the months in between reads being based off estimated reads and then adjusted after read.

How to see usage

Through the Pooled Energy app under the energy tab you are able to see your daily, weekly and monthly usage with a 24-hour delay. This will allow you to see how much your household is using excluding the pool.

Who installs your smart meter

Pooled Energy currently uses a third-party metering coordinator to install your smart meter. The metering coordinator will vary based off your location.

How much does a smart meter installation cost

Pooled Energy is currently offering complimentary smart meters for all our customers. Once the smart meter is installed it will use a very low amount of energy which you will not be billed for.

For more information

If you have any further enquires please see the NSW Government Smart Meter information page.


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