Pooled Energy Smartphone Application

The Energy page of the Pooled Energy application provides an estimated consumption of your entire household and swimming pool.

You are able to click either ‘Day‘, ‘Week’ or ‘Month’ to change the date period that the data uses.


Insights provides an estimated breakdown of how your energy is used.


Consumption is the estimated total amount of energy your entire household has used, including your swimming pool. This reading is what the energy market sees and is what you are charged on.


Production is the estimated total of excess energy your solar system has generated and given to the grid. This is the amount you will receive solar credits for.

Pool Consumption

Pool Consumption is the estimated total energy your swimming pool has used.

Other Consumption

Other Consumption is the estimated total energy the rest of your household has used, excluding your swimming pool.

Why is there no data appearing?

Our energy data is provided by AEMO and there may be a delay in the information being uploaded from them to us.

My energy bill differed from what was shown in the app.

All data provided in the application is provisional and is subject to change at the time of billing.


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