Home screen

The Home page of the Pooled Energy application provides you with a snapshot of your system and the various associated states.

Water Quality

Water Quality indicates the overall status of your pool and helps to give you an indication on the best time’s to swim. Tapping on the tile will provide additional advice.

Pool Temperature & Weather Forecast

The temperature of your pool and weather forecast for your postcode is provided and updated at regular intervals.


An overview of all the equipment that you have connected to the Pooled Energy system is displayed. Tapping on an individual piece of equipment takes you to a more in-depth view of the equipment and allows you to run manual overrides.

To find out more information on your equipment, click here.


The schedule displays an overview of what devices are scheduled to run for the next 24 hours. Clicking on the plan schedule also allows you to see a weekly breakdown on when equipment is scheduled to run.

Clicking on the Schedule also allows you to view a more detailed view of what is scheduled to run in the next 24 hours. You are also able to view a what days the schedule applies to by clicking on the individual schedule items.

It is important to remember that some pieces of equipment are dependent on others and therefore will automatically switch on during their scheduled runtime.


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Everything you ever wanted to know about Pool Automation in one simple guide.

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