Water quality

Pooled Energy’s water chemistry operates on a wider range of water parameters than the conventional pool chemistry.

From the home page of the Pooled Energy application, we provide a Pool Status indicator to help give you a better insight into how your pool is operating.

Pool Status is calculated from data gathered over the previous 24 hours and displays a variety of conditions to the customer with ‘Ok‘ being the normal/default status.

Clicking on the Pool Status indicator will provide extra information regarding the status of your pool if it is applicable.

Home page

Additional Water Quality parameters

We provide additional information for the following parameters which can be found by clicking the menu in the top right corner and then clicking ‘Water Quality’.

  1. pH
  2. Salinity
  3. Water Temperature
  4. ORP

These parameters are displayed on a colour-coded scale to provide a guide on the recommended operating ranges.

Water Quality history trends

You are able to view a snapshot of the last 7 days for each individual water quality parameter by simply clicking on it.

For more information on how Pooled Energy’s Advanced Water Chemistry works, click here.


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