What do I do if my pool is looking Cloudy?

Heavy air pollution that is thick with dust and ash can lead to cloudy, and even green pools, if it isn’t managed carefully. Regardless of whether you’re a Pooled Energy customer or not, excess dust and ash in pools requires human intervention. There are a number of steps you can take to help avoid the negative affects of pollution:

1. Perform a backwash

For pool owners without Pooled Energy, you will need to follow the guidelines on your filter.

For Pooled Energy customers, go to the main menu and select Pool Maintenance and then Guided Backwash. If you have cartridge filter, you should turn your system to Manual via Pool Controls, and clean your cartridge filter with a hose.

2. Keep the pool clean at all times

If there is debris, sand or other foreign matter in your pool, it needs to be cleared quickly. Your pool equipment will help, but if it is excessive due to extreme environmental events such as bush fires and storms, you will need to manually clear, clean and brush the pool.

3. Remove excess phosphate

Excess phosphate leads to algae growth if it isn’t kept under control. Bushfire smoke is a leading cause of increased phosphate because the smoke has all the minerals from the original plants, which includes phosphate. If you pool starts to look cloudy, you may need to add a phosphate remover that you can buy from your local hardware or pool store.

Follow the directions on the label.

4. Don’t forget the microscopic particles

Microscopic particles in the pool can get missed by the pool filter. A pool that remains cloudy after it has been manually cleared, may need a pool flocculant to drop suspended matter to the bottom of the pool, ready to be vacuumed up.

Again, follow the directions on the label.

Pooled Energy customers; if have tried everything and still having problems, please get in touch for some extra Pooled Energy help.


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