What do I need to know about pool cleaners?

Why do I need a mechanical pool cleaner or robot?

Leaves and debris in the pool release phosphates that cause algae blooms. Therefore, not only does it look bad, the vegetable matter causes issues for your pool chemistry. Several kinds of pool cleaner are used to help with this job.

What are my vacuum options?

There are two types of pool cleaners we recommend. The key to a great cleaner is that it promotes good circulation in the pool and doesn’t clog the main filtration circuit.

Pressure Cleaner Sweeps promote good circulation in the pool as they clean the bottom and do not clog the main filtration circuit, instead filling their own little bag.  They also have their own independent pump. A Pressure Cleaner we like is a Jet Vac.

Robots, such as the Dolphin Pool Robot, also promote good circulation in the pool as they clean the bottom and do not clog the main filtration circuit, instead filling a cavity in the robot.  They do not need a pump.

In both instances you will need to regularly empty the pressure cleaner bag and the robot cavity. Just like you have to empty your home vacuum cleaner!

Which cleaners should I avoid?

We do not recommend Suction Cleaner Sweeps such as the Barracuda and Kreepy Krawlie, because they plug into the skimmer box and quickly clog the main filtration circuit with everything from the bottom of the pool. With Pooled Energy the intention is to automate your pool equipment for you – a suction cleaner means you will need to keep on top of cleaning the filter circuit. They also only use the main filtration pump which means it will need to run at 100% and you won’t benefit from the energy reduction.

I have a cleaner but it doesn’t get to all sections of the pool. What do I do?

It isn’t uncommon for a cleaner to miss tricky corners of the pool and the same areas will experience low water circulation. These areas will be prone to algae. To maintain clear water it is important to manually brush these areas of low circulation to prevent an algae bloom. In summer you will need to do this more regularly as the warm weather promotes algae growth.

Want more information?

For more information on pool cleaners please get in touch any time for a recommendation. Pooled Energy can supply equipment or visit our friends at www.poolshop.com.au who will give you a great deal.


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