What do variable speed pool pumps offer?

How much electricity do pool pumps use?

The main reason people purchase a variable speed pump is to try and reduce the amount of energy the pool uses. However how much energy you save is highly dependent on how you set the variable speed pump.

A typical pool accounts for about 30% of your household energy. That estimate includes all of your pool equipment, not just your pool pump, so what do you really save?

What is the difference between a single speed pump and a variable speed pump?

A single speed pump runs at one speed all the time. A variable speed pump has, you guessed it, a number of speeds. It is not always efficient to run your pump at the same speed which is why variable speed pumps have become synonymous with pool energy efficiency.

What are the limitations of a variable speed pump?

A variable speed pump is still set at various speeds. It does not adapt to what is happening in your pool, to the environment around it or to what is happening in the electricity market. It is therefore less variable and more multi-speed by definition.

Also, while they may increase the efficiency of your pump, the rest of your pool equipment is left to be inefficient.

How can I increase the efficiency of my pool then?

The key to pool energy efficiency is to assess the efficiency of the system, not just the pump in isolation. Pooled Energy is a pool automation solution that increases the efficiency of your entire pool equipment system, not just your pool pump.

In fact, Pooled Energy actually transforms a single speed pool pump into a true variable speed pump worthy of its name! Our Intelligent Pool Controller plugs into your equipment and adapts the running of the equipment in response to internal and external conditions. Rather than; set, forget and hope for the best; Pooled Energy constantly monitors and adjusts the running of all your pool equipment.

Are there other benefits from the Pooled Energy solution?

Remembering that Pooled Energy is not just a pump but a pool automation solution; the other benefits of our system include:

  1. Automatic monitoring and control of all your pool equipment for optimal energy use.
  2. Remote control via our smartphone app.
  3. Reduced chemical consumption.
  4. Maintenance of the Pooled Energy Intelligent Pool Controller for the life of the contract.
  5. Affordability. Most pool automation starts at $3,000 and needs to be replaced at the end of life. Pooled Energy is cheaper at set up and for the life of the service.
So before you buy a variable speed pump, consider a total pool automation solution that can convert your single speed pump to variable and optimise the energy use of your entire pool equipment system.


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