What happens if my Chlorinator is turned off?

The Pooled Energy Intelligent Pool Controller controls your Salt or Liquid Chlorine Chlorinator by switching it on and off at mains power.  Most Chlorinators have a further power switch and control on the Chlorinator electronics.  If your Chlorinator has turned off and is showing no lights, it’s easy to get it back online.

  1. Stand near your equipment with your Smartphone or Tablet.
  2. Start the Pooled Energy App.  It will show the home screen and show ‘Chlorinator’ as part of a list of equipment at your pool
  3. If it shows ‘Chlorinator Running’ with a green dot, skip to (7) below.
  4. If it shows ‘Chlorinator Not-Running’ with a red dot, touch ‘Not-Running’.  This will open up the Chlorinator Control screen.
  5. Touch ‘Choose Duration,’ select 30 minutes, and press ‘Start.’
  6. You now have to wait for the filter pump and any other dependent devices to start before the system tries to power up the Chlorinator .  This may take 2-4 minutes and it will show ‘Chlorinator Running’ and a green dot, when it has applied power to the Chlorinator.
  7. If the Chlorinator box does not light up, switch it on at the Chlorinator electronics themselves.  They should light up.
  8. Please make sure that the chlorination output is always set to maximum.  The Chlorinator runs better this way and fewer hours are required to achieve the required chlorine levels.
  9. As the pool water passes through the chlorinator when the chlorinator is turned on the chlorinator should create a lot of gaseous activity. If the water is clear, it’s not creating chlorine which means your pool is not being sanitised. The water passing over the cell should be quite cloudy.Where the water enters the pool you should see large quantities of bubbles.If you can’t see large quantities of small bubbles emerging into the pool then the chlorinator is likely faulty and will require maintenance urgently.

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