What types of filter does Pooled Energy recommend?

Your pool can use any type of filter that keeps the water clean.

Pooled Energy recommends sand filters (media filters) which should preferentially be filled with glass media rather than sand media. We believe these are also the easiest to maintain and operate. If you have an old or inappropriate filter at the time of installation, we may recommend that you replace it and will be happy to provide a replacement service or you can arrange to do this separately.  Please use 50mm plumbing for energy efficiency.

It is essential that the filter is correctly chosen to match the pump and pool.   If the pump is too large for the filter, it may fracture under the pressure, as well as run inefficiently using too much electricity.  If the pump is too small, it will be unable to backwash the filter correctly.  This can lead to a build-up of dirt and bacteria in the filter media as well as problems that require the media to be swapped.


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