Why do I have to complete a condition report?

A condition report is completed by the technician and agreed by you at the start of the installation, before the pool automation is installed. The purpose of the condition report is to protect both parties as to the condition of the pool and pool equipment before Pooled Energy.

The condition report includes an assessment of:

  1. Current pool warranties
  2. The approximate age of the pool and pool equipment
  3. The surrounding environment and it’s impact on pool maintenance, including leaf load and garden run-off
  4. The condition of the pool surfaces and the water
  5. The make of the pool equipment in operation

The age and condition of your pool and pool equipment is important because they both degrade over time. Depending on the pool surface will depend on how long it will last before it shows signs of deterioration. Pool equipment tends to work well for up to five years maximum. We can work with you to protect your asset or point you in the direction of trusted pool providers.

Once the technician has completed their assessment, including writing up any notes, they will ask you to indicate whether you agree or disagree with the assessment.

This document will be attached to your file and a copy sent to you at the end of the installation.


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