Why am I receiving an extra Advanced Water Chemistry top up?

During an average year, when there are no extraordinary environmental events or pool usage, most pools will only need two top-ups of Advanced Water Chemistry per year. However, there are instances when a pool will require an additional top-up including:

  1. When the pool is diluted due to excessive water caused by heavy rain.
  2. When the pool chemistry is disrupted by foreign matter, such as ash, debris and garden runoff.
  3. When the pool chemistry is disrupted because the pool equipment stops operating due to a power blackout for an extended period of time.
  4. When a pool is emptied for maintenance.


Do I have to pay for the extra Advanced Water Chemistry?

Whether you have to pay depends on the cause of the dilution or disruption to the pool chemistry. You will have to pay for extra Advanced Water Chemistry if the dilution or disruption to pool chemistry is caused by:

  • Natural environmental factors such as rain, flooding, and debris.
  • Environmental factors outside Pooled Energy control such as power blackouts, extraordinary usage or introduced foreign matter.
  • Emptying of pools for maintenance.
  • In these instances, you would have to pay for additional chemicals regardless of whether your pool is automated by Pooled Energy or not. Dilution and chemical disruptions to pool chemistry is unavoidable and will always require an additional chemical correction whether it is Advanced Water Chemistry or traditional chemistry.

You will not have to pay for extra Advanced Water Chemistry if the dilution or disruption to pool chemistry is caused by Pooled Energy.

What does an Advanced Water Chemistry kit cost?

Extra top-ups cost $99 and will be charged to your next monthly invoice after delivery, unless they are included in your monthly Remote Monitoring and Automation fee (please refer to your contract).


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