Why do I need to switch my electricity when I choose Pooled Energy pool automation?

Pooled Energy is designed to optimise the operation of your pool equipment and reduce the amount of electricity your pool uses. To do this effectively, as well as monitoring the pool water, equipment and weather, we also monitor the demand on the electricity grid and electricity prices to:

  1. Determine when it is the optimal time to run pool equipment according to electricity demand.
  2. Determine when it is a good time to turn the pool equipment off because the overall demand on the grid is too large and causing destabilisation. This ‘demand management’ capability is the reason the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) is supporting a trial of Pooled Energy in Australian homes.

To gain the ability to manage the demand on the grid by the ‘pool’ of pools, we need to manage your household electricity. This is the reason we switch your electricity to Pooled Energy at the time of installation; to help stabilise the demand on the electricity grid during peak periods.

Why do we want to do that?

The big benefit of using smart technologies that optimise how and when you use electricity is that it improves the overall flexibility and reliability of the electricity grid, making way for more wind and solar power. More wind and solar power will mean less coal power stations and a reduction in our carbon footprint.

What if I have a combined electricity and gas account?

At this point in time we does not supply gas, so you should continue with your current supplier for the gas. Only your electricity account will be transferred.

Do I need to inform my old electricity provider of the switch?

No you don’t need to inform your old retailer. We will take care of the entire process.


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