Why does my equipment say ___ on the app?

There are a variety of different status messages that can be displayed on the Pooled Energy’s Pool App to reflect the state of your equipment.


Not Running

Indicates that the piece of equipment is not running.


The piece of equipment is running either to the plan schedule or as a dependency of another piece of equipment. i.e.: The filter pump must run when the chlorinator is running.

Overrides Only

The equipment will not run to the plan schedule and will only run when a device override is commenced.

This occurs when the piece of equipment has been automatically disabled for safety reasons such as high temperatures or low flow.

If you click the piece of equipment from the home page, it will take you to the equipment page where more information is provided.


Your equipment is controlled via Wi-Fi smart switches. These switches can temporarily become unavailable due to environmental factors, bad signal strength or a variety of other reasons.

This will usually resolve within a few minutes. If the issue persists, contact Pooled Energy for further advice.


The piece of equipment has been disabled and will not run until enabled again.

X Minutes Left

The piece of equipment is running as an override.


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