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Will the price of electricity change?

The price of electricity is made up of network (poles and wires) charges, energy costs, retail costs, Government charges for the subsidy of renewable energy and some other factors, and does change from time to time.

The main component is the network charge which is greater than 50% of your total electricity bill. This network pricing is regulated by the Government via the Australian Energy Regulator (AER) and State Regulators. Network prices typically change every year based on 5 year determinations. The AER determinations flow through to all electricity retailers, including Pooled Energy, and set the underlying network costs across the whole market. To these network costs, are added the cost of the actual energy consumed and the cost of supplying the energy to you. This is very similar for all Electricity Retailers. Therefore, market conditions or regulatory changes from time to time, may necessitate Pooled Energy to adjust its electricity prices for its customers.

It is Pooled Energy’s policy to generally set its price to the Government mandated Default Market Offer

We believe the best way to make a significant difference to the homeowner’s electricity bill, is to save energy by using automation.  This is what Pooled Energy is doing…using technology to make real and significant electricity consumption savings that continue year after year. This can often be as much as 70% of your pool’s energy consumption which is often about 1/3rd of your total household electricity use

A savings in energy use is obviously better for you and the environment than an equivalent discount on higher consumption!


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