Bill pricing explained

When you become a Pooled Energy customer, you enter an agreement that includes your pool automation subscription and your electricity supply. With the electricity supply there are a number of factors covered by the agreement; tariffs, rates, supply charges and fees, plus any applicable discounts. All of these impacts your bill.

Pool automation subscription

This is fixed monthly fee for the automation of your pool equipment, remote monitoring and alerts from Pooled Energy, bi-annual deliveries of Advanced Water Chemistry and priority support.


This determines how you are charged for electricity and is normally set by the type of meter you have. Tariffs can be ‘anytime’, where you are charged the same rate at any time of the day, or ‘time of use’, where the rates change depending on the time of the day (off-peak, shoulder, or peak). If you have a smart meter, you can select any tariff.  If you have an older style spinning disk or accumulation meter, you can only select an anytime tariff.


Depending on which contract, tariff and distribution area you are in depends on what rate you are charged by per kWh of usage. For example, if you are on a Time of Use tariff you will be charged three separate rates depending on the time or day. 

Supply charges

The Supply Charges are charged on a daily rate. The amount changes based on how many days are calculated in the invoice and which contract, tariff and distribution area you are in.


These include one-off charges for things including a disconnection fee or a card payment processing fee.


These include discounts we offer, or government concessions and rebates that may apply.

For more information about Pooled Energy’s rates and/or charges please see Pooled Energy’s Pricing Fact Sheet webpage or contact us for clarification about which rate you are on at either 1300 364 703 or


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