Low Flow

Good flow is necessary to ensure good water quality and good equipment performance. As a safety precaution, when there is no or low amounts of flow, your Filter Pump and…

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Smart Meters

How smart meters work Smart meters come in many different shapes and sizes however they tend to be a similar size as the as older style electricity meter so they…

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Do not contact list

Pooled Energy maintains a Do Not Contact List for anyone who might wish Pooled Energy to not contact them.  You can request to be added to our Do Not Contact…

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How often should I backwash?

Media Filters that use sand or crushed glass for filtration, require regular backwashing, typically between every 4 and 8 weeks, depending on filter and pool size and environmental factors. The…

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How often should I vacuum?

How often you vacuum your pool is largely dependent on the environment surrounding your pool. For some there is a requirement to vacuum every few days because of heavy leaf…

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What is the installation process?

You’ve just made the important switch to Pooled Energy, what happens next? The cooling-off period finishes. Welcome Pack is sent to you with Installation and Operations information. Your installation is…

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I want to pay my bill

You can pay your bill via direct debit, BPAY, or over the phone. Direct Debit Pay by Direct Debit from your bank account or credit card. To sign up to…

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I want to set up Direct Debit

Direct Debit makes paying your monthly bill effortless. You can set up a Direct Debit from either your Bank Account or Credit Card (Visa or Mastercard). Your ongoing bills are…

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