Installation at Your Pool

The Pooled Energy Installation process

You’ve just made the important switch to Pooled Energy, what happens next? The cooling-off period finishes. Welcome Pack is sent to you with Installation and Operations information. Your installation is…

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Designing a New Pool

We see a great many pools and the number that are correctly designed for high-efficiency operation is less than 5%. Often there is little consideration for the future running costs…

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Who manufactures Pooled Energy’s equipment?

Our parent company, Efficiency Filters Ltd, develops and manufactures the unique new technology components for Pooled Energy. We integrate these components with the customer’s existing equipment and, where required, other quality…

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System Handover Process

When you sign with Pooled Energy, you should receive an Installation and Operations Manual.  This will tell you:- How to Prepare for Installation The Installation Process Operations Guide Some useful…

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Problems with existing pool plumbing

Our expert plumbers will be happy to address any plumbing issues, leaks or defective equipment at the time we install your Pooled Energy system. Energy consumption can be reduced by well-designed…

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