How to perform a Super Chlorination

Super Chlorination is a 24-hour cycle that can be used to respond to the unfortunate event of a faecal-incident or other needs to perform a super chlorination. It will require…

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How to run a System Override

You are able to manually control your pool equipment and run them for longer hours than currently set on your plan. These overrides are one-off events that typically do not…

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Adjusting the sanitation level

Every pool is different and there are no one-size-fits-all solutions when it comes to managing your pool. If you ever feel that your pool has consistently too much or too…

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Which regulations govern Pooled Energy?

Pooled Energy is an Authorised Electricity Retailer operating under the National Electricity Retail Laws, just like other Electricity Retailers.  Our major differences are that we are technology based and only…

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How do I reduce the water level?

You are able to manually reduce the water level in your pool by using the Reduce Water Level function within the application. Navigate to the ‘Pool Maintenance’ page Click ‘Reduce…

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How do I control the pool heater?

Get the connection right first. We recommend that you get Pooled Energy to help connect a new pool heater to ensure the integration of the heater and Intelligent Pool Controller…

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How do I fix Black Spot?

What is Black Spot? Black Spot is the appearance of black spots (surprise, surprise!) on the surface of your pool. There are several types of algae that cause Black Spot….

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Offers and Energy Price Fact Sheets

Pooled Energy supplies a bundle of electricity, pool equipment and pool services to new customers. We combine our electricity retail services with our new pool automation technology to give you…

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I’m having trouble paying my bill

We understand that a number of customers are worrying about how they will pay their bills on time. We support the initiative outlined by the Australian Energy Regulator to help…

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