Managing your Pool

General maintenance

How often should I backwash?

Media Filters that use sand or crushed glass for filtration, require regular backwashing, typically between every 4 and 8 weeks, depending on filter and pool size and environmental factors. The…

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How often should I vacuum?

How often you vacuum your pool is largely dependent on the environment surrounding your pool. For some there is a requirement to vacuum every few days because of heavy leaf…

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Pool equipment


How do I fix Black Spot?

What is Black Spot? Black Spot is the appearance of black spots (surprise, surprise!) on the surface of your pool. There are several types of algae that cause Black Spot….

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How do I fix Calcification?

What is calcification? Calcification is the name for the chalky white patches that occur when there is too much calcium in the pool water. Pool surfaces that contain large amounts…

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