Pool Operation

Why does my Pool App say X?

There are a variety of different status messages that can be displayed on the Pooled Energy’s Pool App to reflect the state of your equipment. Not Running Indicates that the…

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Direct Connection

In the event that your pool system is experiencing communication issues, you have the ability to directly connect from your SmartPhone or Tablet to the Pooled Energy Intelligent Pool Controller…

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App Quick Start Guide

The Pooled Energy QUICK START guide helps customers learn about the Pooled Energy Pool App for:- Controlling your pool equipment Putting the system in manual mode Tuning your sanitation level…

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Dead Animal in the Pool?

Please follow these steps to remove the dead animal from the pool and disinfect the water: Close the pool to swimmers (include signage). Wear plumber’s disposable gloves. Use a leaf…

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Quick Start Guide for a Pooled Energy Pool

QUICK START GUIDE The Operating Plan Your pool equipment will operate according to time-of-day, time-of-year, amount of swimming, water chemistry, electricity costs and prices, electricity grid conditions, weather, forecast and…

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Fix a Slow Pressure Cleaner

Please try this:- Power the cleaner off. Unplug the pressure hose from the wall.  It is a bayonet fitting that undoes anti-clockwise.  Try pushing it in gently as you rotate…

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