Water Chemistry

Dead Animal in the Pool?

Please follow these steps to remove the dead animal from the pool and disinfect the water: Close the pool to swimmers (include signage). Wear plumber’s disposable gloves. Use a leaf…

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What is Advanced Water Chemistry?

To understand Advanced Water Chemistry, you need to compare it with what is done in conventional pools. Conventional Pool Water Chemistry Conventional pool chemistry, as widely used in the Pool…

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What is pH?

pH is the acid/alkali balance in the water and is a logarithmic scale. pH 7 is neutral. pH 6 has 10 times more acid (literally hydrogen ions) in the water…

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Superchlorination or “Chlorine Shock” treatment is widely used in the pool industry to get rid of irritating chloramines that accumulate in the water from the action of chlorine on human…

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