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Home screen

The Home page of the Pooled Energy application provides you with a snapshot of your system and the various associated states. Water Quality Water Quality indicates the overall status of…

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Water quality

Pooled Energy’s water chemistry operates on a wider range of water parameters than the conventional pool chemistry. From the home page of the Pooled Energy application, we provide a Pool…

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There are a variety of different status messages that can be displayed on the Pooled Energy’s Pool App to reflect the state of your equipment. Not Running Indicates that the…

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Pooled Energy Smartphone Application

The Energy page of the Pooled Energy application provides an estimated consumption of your entire household and swimming pool. You are able to click either ‘Day‘, ‘Week’ or ‘Month’ to…

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App Quick Start Guide

The Pooled Energy QUICK START guide helps customers learn about the Pooled Energy Pool App for:- Controlling your pool equipment Putting the system in manual mode Tuning your sanitation level…

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How to reset your Password

If you have forgotten the password, you are able to reset it at any time via the ‘Forgot Password’ link found at the bottom of the ‘Login Screen’. Once on the…

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My system is disconnected

Your pool system is disconnected from the internet and is operating in offline mode. Your pool system will continue to run as per its last synced settings, however; to ensure…

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User manual

This is a step-by-step guide to using the Pooled Energy application. The latest version is 6.0.4 which was released 30th of March, 2021. Simply click the link below to download….

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Guided Backwash

You will need to backwash your filter from time to time to ensure optimal performance. This will typically take 5-10 minutes and we recommend this process is done every 4…

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How to perform a Super Chlorination

Super Chlorination is a 24-hour cycle that can be used to respond to the unfortunate event of a faecal-incident or other needs to perform a super chlorination. It will require…

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How to run a System Override

You are able to manually control your pool equipment and run them for longer hours than currently set on your plan. These overrides are one-off events that typically do not…

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Adjusting the sanitation level

Every pool is different and there are no one-size-fits-all solutions when it comes to managing your pool. If you ever feel that your pool has consistently too much or too…

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How do I reduce the water level?

You are able to manually reduce the water level in your pool by using the Reduce Water Level function within the application. Navigate to the ‘Pool Maintenance’ page Click ‘Reduce…

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How do I control the pool heater?

Get the connection right first. We recommend that you get Pooled Energy to help connect a new pool heater to ensure the integration of the heater and Intelligent Pool Controller…

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Operations for infinity pools

Energy Savings Typically, customers with these types of pool achieve good savings using Pooled Energy. Most customers with waterfalls or infinity edges use conventional, single-speed pumps running at full speed…

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Low Flow

Good flow is necessary to ensure good water quality and good equipment performance. As a safety precaution, when there is no or low amounts of flow, your Filter Pump and…

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