Five Energy Saving Tips For Summer

Five tips to take the heat out of energy bills this summer.

Did you every wonder how you could reduce your energy consumption during summer, when all you can think about is air conditioning?

As a Pooled Energy customer you have already made the first big step to reducing your pool’s energy consumption.

Here are five hot tips to keep your energy bills down while the heat is on.

Save Electricity

1. Optimise your pool’s energy use

Did you know that your pool consumes about 1/3 of your household energy consumption. 33%! Pooled Energy is an energy optimisation system that can save you up to 60% of your pool’s energy consumption by optimising when, how and how hard your pool system runs to keep your pool looking and feeling spectacular. If your pool isn’t optimised by Pooled Energy already, find out if your pool qualifies by booking a free pool inspection today.

2. Every degree counts when it comes to air conditioning.

Of course during the heat of summer you need to use your air conditioner, but did you know that just one degree makes a noticeable difference to how much energy you’re using? In the heat of the day you’ll also be experiencing peak energy rates if you’re on a time-of-use tariff. So keep the temperature moderate year round instead of icy cold in summer and steamy in winter. We recommend setting your air conditioner to a comfortable 25 degrees Celsius and ditching the doona this summer!

3. Shut the door and windows on heat.

Ever noticed in the middle of summer how your walls and furniture heat up? Keep your home cooler by simply shutting the doors and windows, and pulling the blinds closed during the heat of the day. These simple barriers to the heat will ensure inside stays moderate while the sun blazes. Then, when it cools down in the evening, open up to circulate the air again.

4. Make the switch to LED lighting

If you haven’t already, make the switch to LED lighting. It uses much less energy than halogen lights and they last longer which means less landfill. An easy way to save energy and feel good about your consumption choices.

5. Go old school with fans.

The humble fan can do wonders for managing the heat, even helping you turn the air conditioner up one or two degrees. Fans circulate the air and keep you cool when you are in the room. Just make sure to turn them off when you leave the room.


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