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From green to clean

January 25th, 2019

So your pool turned green.  Summer strikes again. But never fear!  We can fix this, and make sure it doesn’t happen again!

Your pool is constantly bombarded by algae spores and if the conditions are favourable – sunlight, warmth, micronutrients like phosphates, and a lack of sanitizer – they will quickly cause an algal bloom that causes green pool.

The pool will look green from the chlorophyll in the algae, and cloudy, because the algae cells suspended in the water scatter light.  So to fix this we must:

  • Kill the algae
  • Bleach the chlorophyll
  • Remove the dead algae
  • Prevent recurrence

A shock treatment with chlorine will both kill the algae and bleach the green colour from the chlorophyll.

The pool will still be cloudy from the dead algae.  A flocculant or clarifier causes the cells to stick together forming clumps large enough to be captured by the filter, which is then backwashed.

Finally, the chlorine level will be very high.  We can bring the chlorine levels down with a chlorine remover, and very quickly restore the pool to swimmable condition.  The detailed green pool procedure for a chlorine pool is here.

To prevent a recurrence, we need good sanitation in the pool.  Automated systems like Pooled Energy constantly monitor and manage chlorine, salt and pH levels, making sure the pool is well sanitized at all times.

Under Pooled Energy’s Advanced Water Chemistry, the water has natural flocculating properties, which means algal spores that enter the pool are rapidly caught in the filter.  We also apply a phosphate remover to starve the algae of the phosphate it needs to grow.

Following these processes we can rapidly restore a green pool to sparkling clean, and with our pool management system ensure that it stays that way.

If you would like to know more about how Pooled Energy can keep your pool in top condition please give us a call!


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