Pooled Energy Saves Electricity, Reduces Chemical Usage & Saves Time On Pool Maintenance

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How It Works

Save on Pool Electricity

Swimming pools typically consume around one-third of a household’s electricity – the precise figure depends on your household appliances and the size of both your pool and your home. Pooled Energy’s experience stretches across 1,600 swimming pool installations and our technology typically reduces a pool’s energy consumption by up to 60% – while simultaneously making a spectacular improvement in water quality!

If you’d like our experts to give your pool a free inspection, to see how much you could save, get in touch. To discover more about reducing your pool’s electricity consumption, click here.


Reduce chemical consumption

Pooled Energy offers perhaps the largest break-through in pool chemistry in 50 years. With Advanced Water Chemistry (AWC), you get spectacular, healthier water with just two top-ups of chemicals in a typical year, automatically shipped to your door when you need them. Reduce the number of chemicals you need by half and reduce the quantity you need to less than half. Typically you’ll use less than a shoe-box of chemicals a year for the average pool – plus salt for salt and mineral pools or liquid chlorine for freshwater pools. Eliminate the need for buffer, stabiliser, acid and calcium lifter in almost all pools. You get healthier, clearer water with automated chemistry all year round and no more green pool! You can discover more about Pooled Energy’s ability to reduce chemical consumption, here.

Free up your time

Pooled Energy automation intelligently manages and optimises your energy and chemical use and frees you up. All the time and hassle you spent on managing water quality is no longer required, nor is the expenditure on a pool technician to manage the water, if you have one.

Instead of spending time managing your pool, enjoy it! Discover how much time Pooled Energy’s Pool Automation could save you (when compared to regular pool maintenance) by clicking here.

Hear what customers have to say

Five stars

“Since having Pooled Energy install their system I have not had to add pool chemicals or flocking agents and the pool is cleaner and clearer than it has ever been. Second bonus is that we are saving on electricity.”

Shane T
Pool has been perfect

“I have been extremely happy with the decision to use Pooled Energy. The pool has been perfect for the entire season with no hassle about chemicals, chlorine or equipment. The service from the team has always been first rate.”

NH, Bronte

“Very professional and friendly throughout our entire time with you. I would like to also say that the field staff have been exceptional and are a credit to the company.”

SG, Matraville

“I am delighted with the complete transformation of my pool and the service of the Pooled Energy team.”

AS, Lindfield
Recommend it to everyone

“First time in 20 years that it’s maintained easily, with crystal clear water day in and day out. I recommend it to everyone.”

PB, Allambie Heights
Water quality is beautiful

“I can honestly say that since switching to Pooled Energy the pool has never looked better and the water quality is beautiful. Even with my previous fortnightly pool service, I often had problems with the pool turning green after weather ‘events’. Now it’s always in top condition.”

JT, Artarmon
Saved electricity costs

“Very happy with the services provided by Pooled Energy. I have a constantly clean pool and it has saved me from the worries of going to the pool shop and has also saved me on my electricity costs.”

NK, Putney
Five stars

“Just brilliant, nearly halved my power bill and haven’t put a chemical in my pool for 4 months.”

Bill Gaha

Find out how much Pooled Energy can save you!

The amount of energy, chemicals and time that Pooled Energy can save you varies with the specifics of your individual pool. Sign Up Now to get a Free Pool Inspection and our experts will give you a personalised appraisal which details how much you could save whilst improving your pool.

Book Your Free Pool Inspection

Find out how much pool electricity, time spent on maintenance & chemicals you could save!

You’ll receive an in-person inspection, an obligation-free quote and an energy-savings analysis.

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Magnesium Chloride also reduces the build-up of calcium on chlorinator plates. Our system manages the magnesium levels in your pool for you to optimise your swimming experience.
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One of our customers from Lindfield is loving the complete transformation of their pool. Find out more about how you can enjoy a perfect pool that reduces your energy consumption, maintenance and chemicals. #energy #energymanagement #energyefficiency #pooledenergy #pools #poolside ...


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