How do I clean the strainer on the filter pump?

Please check the Strainer on your filter pump from time to time and before you do a backwash.

The Pooled Energy system will often detect blockages in the Strainer or the skimmer box and automatically shut down and then inform you by email or SMS.  Please note that it may not detect the fault when the system is only partially blocked


  • If the Strainer needs cleaning, using the Pool App, TURN AUTOMATION OFF
  • After all the pumps stop, SHUT the valve between the filter pump and the pool if you have one.
  • If the equipment is below water level, ROTATE the valve on top of the filter from FILTER to CLOSED.

Image result for pool filter valve

  • Open the Strainer cover using the lid handle if supplied,

  • Remove the basket and clean it.
  • Replace the basket with the opening towards the incoming water flow.
  • Fill the basket with water as far as possible, using a hose, if the pump is above the surface of the water.
  • Close and tighten the strainer lid.
  • ROTATE the valve on top of the filter from CLOSED to FILTER,
  • OPEN the valve between the filter pump and pool if you have one.
  • TURN AUTOMATION ON using the Pool App

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